At Pueblo we hire passion-driven people. source regionally-grown plants and strive to grow into the neighborhoods surrounding us.

We love growing with our community. We personally moved to Downtown Phoenix years before the shop was even conceived of, not because it was the thriving community it is now, but because it was small, passionate and community driven. Its a small part of Arizona where we felt we could be at home, but also where we could contribute to the city as much as it contributes to us.

Part of our mission is that we aim to make reasonable small scale changes to the forest canopy of our central city, encouraging wildlife hot-spots and botanical diversity, indoors and out.

Who We Are:

Michael Lanier III, Founder

Coby Bruckner, Partner - Landscape Designer

Magdalena Camilo

Nicolas Gonzalez

Pueblo is a plant shop, locally owned and run by people who care about plants and Phoenix.

Located in the Historic Garfield Neighborhood in Downtown Phoenix and established in 2015, Pueblo is the second iteration of Michael Lanier and Coby Bruckner's Pueblo Life concepts.

Pueblo is an indoor plant shop with tropical and subtropical plants - with a nod to the natural world and Phoenix's past - We've got a large showroom, workroom, an even larger shade house and a greenhouse. 

We offer: 

  • Bromeliads & Tillandsia

  • Succulents / Cacti

  • Carnivorous Plants

  • Potted Ferns + Mounted Staghorns

  • Hanging green plants

  • Marimo

  • Monstera

  • Orchids

  • Philodendrons

  • Decorative Planters

  • +  terrariums, potted plants and giftcards




Michael Lanier III, Founder

Michael was born in Mesa, Arizona and raised on a large desert property abutting the San Tan Mountain Regional Park in formerly rural Queen Creek, Arizona. He grew up without many neighbors, and took to studying nature and wildlife as a hobby. In high school he became a member of FFA and studied and competed in Native Wildlife competitions - yes that is a thing - and went on to study biology, sociology and horticulture in college.

After working at the Arid Land Agricultural Research Center Laboratory for the USDA ARS, Michael realized repetitive tasks and data collection were not his passion. He moved to downtown Phoenix and turned a small houseplant booth at the Phoenix Public Market into a small boutique called The Bosque. The Bosque eventually became Pueblo, which became Pueblo Life concepts.

Now he works full time restoring one of the oldest homes in the city, growing green plants and orchids, and developing new plant concepts… and also working at Pueblo.


Coby Bruckner, Partner - Landscape Designer

Coby was born in sunny Oxnard, California to a Navy family and moved from there to Italy, and then to Phoenix before he was 10. His family settled in central Tempe, against an overgrown golf course. He spent a considerable amount of time in the Southern Arizona desert and urban forests, watching wildlife and taking a keen interest in the plants that hosted them.

He attended ASU, and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture. He then moved to central Phoenix and worked at a small, renowned local firm that did small and large projects for clients ranging from Apple to Arizona State University, Heiresses to non-profits. He then spent a summer in Chicago at a very large firm working on Green-Roof projects, and commercial landscape projects throughout Chicago and the Midwest.

In the fall of 2018 Coby joined Pueblo and provides a keen eye and attention to detail, with a focus on sustainability and natural growth.